***** Crown Fried Chicken & Coffee Shop is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 4 reviews!

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    There food is always made well open almost 24hrs you can grab breakfast before work and dinner when coming home the delivery is a decent speed. Just don't try to have them on major game days like the Super Bowl they get so flooded with customers you will be lucky if they answer the phone. Chicken is and veggies is the freshest things they have all the other meats are frozen but still flavorful.

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    Location: Right off the J train, Norwood Stop, several stores from the corner.

    Service: The guys that work there are from Pakistan and are cool. The english is not that good but they their best. The cook is latino and speaks spanish which is good for the neighborhood. He can be cranky though.

    Food: I always come here for Halal Chicken with fries. The service is good and the chicken is fresh & delicious. The chicken is flavorful. I also come here for breakfast. The steak, egg & cheese is not on the menu but I had them make it for me. It was not bad with a side of fries. Cool spot and has a dinner feel to it.

    I will come back !

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